Dog’s Profit – stylish collars, harnesses, leashes and much more for your dog!



Accessories designed and created by hand in our Krakow studio.


Safety first!

Our dog collars, harnesses and leashes are made only from the highest quality materials.

There is no room for cheap solutions when it comes to the safety of your dog. Welded fittings, very durable tape, strong seams and top quality, weather resistant plastic accessories. We can't start without it!

Fashionable & practical stuff for you & your dog!

An original design that you will not find anywhere else.

No more boring and sad accessories, time to bet on color and joy that will cheer up each day. Show the world that you and your dog create the perfect duo.

Come to our world and choose one of the designs available this season. What is sitting in our heads can not be faked!

Best for the best!

We are so proud of our PRO-FIT ™ harness.

Modern aesthetics and multifunctional use are the special features of the PRO-FIT ™ pressure-free harness. The material from which the harness is made is soft and easy to arrange, thanks to which it will perfectly fit the dog's body. The inner part of the pressure-free harness is made in the Air-Mesh technology, which makes them breathable and breathable. Give yourself a chance for comfort. We are sure that this solution will appeal to you!