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Guard harness

One of the most popular and favorite dog accessories. Guard harness are made of thick and durable tape. The construction of harness distributes tension, so the harness not burden the dog's spine, the tape is placed away from the dog's underarms so there is no risk of abrasions. The harness allow of free movement, and the different widths of the tapes make them ideal for dogs of small, medium and large breeds. Original designs and nice colors will help you stand out from the crowd. Welded, strong fittings ensure safety during use, and the way they are dress up - through the head and the paw - ensure that the dog will not free itself from them.

Norwegian harness

Recreational harness for daily walks. Strong tape ensures durability and safety. Harness have welded fittings and weather resistant black buckles. We believe that the key to full happiness is a good product fitting to the dog body, that's why our harness have adjustable in both planes so that you can easily match them to your pet. The front belt is sewn at an angle, so pressure spreads over the chest, protecting the dog's throat. Original design and nice colors will work great in every situation.