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Guard harness ‘Psycho’


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Size Large | 25 mm, Size Large | 35 mm, Size Medium | 25 mm, Size Small | 20 mm, Size XL

Fittings color

black, red (limited edition), silver

Psst! A personalized product - with neoprene undercoat and/or colorized fittings/snap hook (other than silver) - is not refundable or exchangeable.

Recommended for dogs of all ages


Our products are made by people who primarily focus on accuracy and attention to detail.


The harness is equipped with welded fittings and resistant black buckles.


One of the most popular dogs accessories. No. 1 on the dog shopping list.


Autorski projekt wzoru nie tylko przyciągnie wzrok przechodniów, ale również pozwoli Twojemu psu wyróżnić się wśród psich kumpli.

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Advantages and disadvantages
  • Several tape widths
    It works well for both small and large dog breeds.
  • No way to escape
    Safe and great solution for canine fugitives.
  • Awesome construction
    They do not burden the spine
  • ID TAG
    The harness includes a dedicated separate ID tag attachment point.
  • The highest quality
    Welded fittings and weather resistant buckles for more safety.
  • Twisting on the body
    Poorly adjusted, they can fall on one of the sides (in the backstrip)

Guard harness

Strap harness is the most popular doggie harness!

Guard harness for dogs - one of the most popular and favorite dog accessories. Thanks to their construction, the dog's spine is not loaded.. Colorful harness contain adjustment in four places, thanks to which they can be easily and quickly adjusted to the pet. Braces are designed for dogs of small, medium and large breeds.

Hey you! Don't forget to add the matching comfort leash!
  • Colorful, double-sided printed, very durable and soft tape.
  • Strong, silver fittings and resistant black buckles.
  • Handicraft made in 100% in Poland.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • We do not recommend contact with sea water.


Through original design we want to break stereotypes, to soften the image of a dog in the city. Every day, with passion, we create comfortable and safe products that are characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail.

Choose the good size for your pet

TIP! It is worth to measure the dog before placing the order, now it will take a few moments, and if you get the mismatched harness (too small or too large) their replacement will be associated with costs and longer waiting time!

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