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Dog leash ‘Jungle Pig’


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150 cm, 200 cm

Tape width

20 mm, 25 mm

Typ smyczy


Snap hook color

black, silver

Psst! A personalized product - with neoprene undercoat and/or colorized fittings/snap hook (other than silver) - is not refundable or exchangeable.

Recommended primarily for dogs who like walking on a leash.


Our products are made by people who primarily focus on accuracy and attention to detail.


The product includes welded, very durable fittings, and weather-resistant tape.


One of the most popular dogs accessories. No. 1 on the dog shopping list.


The original design will not only attract the eyes of passers-by, but it will also allow your dog to stand out among dog buddies.

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Advantages and disadvantages
  • Several tape width
    It works well for both small and large dog breeds.
  • Fast dressing
    Just one move and it's ready!
  • Neoprene Comfort Handle
    Awesome for owners of pulling dogs (PREMIUM version).
  • Clip at the handle
    A great place to hang covers for poop bags holder( PREMIUM version)!
  • No regulation
    Leash without the possibility of changing the length during use.

The city leash

The most fashionable leash in the city, made of a very strong tape with print.

The 20 mm wide tape is dedicated to dogs of small and medium breeds, for large and strong dogs the best will be a tape with a width of 25 mm to which we sew a large, durable karabiner hook. We offer silver fittings as standard, we sew leashes with other colors on request.

PREMIUM version enriched with an additional handle, as well as handle with a soft foam and a hook next to it (attaching a poop bagd holder).
  • Colorful, very durable and soft tape with a width of 20 and 25 mm.
  • PREMIUM version enriched with an additional handle (with carabiner), as well as padding with a soft foam and a hook next to it (eg for attaching a poop bag holder).
  • The length of the leash to choose from: 150 cm, 200 cm.
  • Handicraft made in 100% in Poland.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • We do not recommend contact with sea water.


Through original design we want to break stereotypes, to soften the image of a dog in the city. Every day, with passion, we create comfortable and safe products that are characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail.

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